A metre matters

In an area that I care greatly about myself, David Wiley, a school parent has organised one of the many petitions to present to government calling on a law to be passed requiring a meter distance between cyclists and a passing car. At St Kevin’s we now teach the Bike Ed program to students in Year 5 and we extend on this with the year 6 children. Over the past decade, bikes have outsold cars in every Australian State. While I realise that here are some car drivers who would rather not see a cyclist on the road, we need to think about the impact of not treating the road as a shared resource for all users. This is particularly so for the children in our care and their mothers and fathers. There are many opinions about this matter and I was surprised to hear a high profile legal professional on public radio say it couldn’t work because judging a meter was too hard. Personally I think if you can’t judge a meter, you shouldn’t be driving on the road. However there is also sound evidence that should be read if you are unsure or perhaps you feel that this can’t work. This link Rationale & Evidence should help. A copy of the petition will be kept in the school office if parents wish to add their support. The year 6 children selling raffle tickets next Friday morning will also have the petition with them in the playground.

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