Attending school “every” day is important.

IMG_3996The importance of attending school cannot be over stated. Many children in schools today can miss up to three weeks of school in one year. The reasons can be varied but the effect is the same. Over the course of primary school, this pattern would see a child miss a total of half a years schooling. That is an enormous amount of schooling. In a recent study linked here, student attendance at school is shown to directly link to student performance.

Some of the key findings were:

  • Children have highly stable attendance throughout the primary years. Attendance rates fall in secondary school.
  • Disparities in attendance rates are evident from Year 1. They are carried into, and become wider, in secondary school.
  • Attendance matters for achievement, and every day counts.
  • Unauthorised absences are more strongly associated with achievement than authorised absences.
  • Some students are more adversely affected by absence than others
  • Most achievement disparities are in place at the outset of Year 3. Improving the attendance of disadvantaged students may help to reduce these, or prevent the gaps from becoming wider.

Click here to read the full report: Student Attendance and Educational Outcomes: Every Day Counts

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