Call for 2015/16 School Education Board Nominee

We are currently calling for 2 members of our school community to join our school board. The role of the school board is a vital part of the effective operation of the school. Each year 2 new members are called for to be part of the board. We are in particular seeking female parents to join the board for 2015/16 as currently we have no female board members. This is not a requirement however, and we would ask that anyone with any interest in this area of school development contact the school and register your interest.

Below is some information about the workings of a Catholic Primary School Board. They are quite different to an independent school or state school board in their operation and executive powers. In the Catholic setting, the board acts in an advisory model to the parish priest.

If you would like to know more, or nominate to the board, please email before Friday 31 October.

Click here for more about our SEB and their role.

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