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Towards the end of 2014 Marcus Georgiades approached the school with an idea. He thought that rather than keeping his fitness up with a bunch of dads from another school, it might be nice to perhaps get a St Kevin’s team of dads together and keep fit as well as get to know some of the other dads better. Schools are about more than educating children, they are about building community and creating opportunities for parents and students alike. We have many mums (and some dads) that come into the school daily to drop off and pick up children. Often this is where mums get to know each other. So when event are organised, mums are often more willing than the dads to get involved because they know each other. Dads often don’t get these opportunities to get to know each other, so any opportunity is a good one. We have dads in the Tigers that have gotten to know each other better in a few weeks than during their whole time at St Kevin’s and the community bonding is a very positive outcome. The guys get together on a Thursday evening for a run and bit of a kick as well as play on a Monday. All dads are invited to both or either of these events. At worst, you’ll have more energy to spend with your own children by getting a bit fitter. Football skills are not at all necessary as it isn’t about winning. (Tigers are well due for a win though). I event tried contributing myself, my hammy, finger and ribs are winning the argument at the moment but I’ll win the war. In the meantime all my cycling buddies are laughing at me.


Following the successful launch of our dad’s football team, we are looking to field a second team for the Winter and Spring competitions.

AFL9’s is a non contact, 9 player a side game for dads over the age of 35.

We play on a Monday night at either 6.30pm or 7.15pm at Wesley College in Glen Waverley or the T.H King oval in Glen Iris.

AFL9’s is all about participation – you don’t need to be a star footballer, so why not give it a go, its a great way to keep fit and get to know some of the other St Kevin’s dads.

To find out more about AFL9’s go to

For more information contact our St Kevin’s AFL9’s coordinator Marcus Georgiades at or phone 0467 046 222.

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