Great new addition…

This week we took possession of a new fleet of bikes supplied by Fitzroy Cycles, Carnegie. Bill (store owner and long time cycling supporter) delivered the bike himself. We have three different sized Merida bikes. They’ll get their first outing on Wednesday when the seniors participate in their annual fundraiser ride. If you’re after a bike for Christmas, drop in and see Bill. Tell him your from St Kevin’s and he’ll provide a great deal. 

We were able to achieve this through a Bicycle Network grant of $5000. Nick Wood applied for the grant in support of our physical education program which includes the ride2school day, bike ed program and the senior unit fund raising activities. 

The bikes will be used to supplement these programs when children don’t have bikes or they are not in the required condition. The SKOHSC program will also use them within their holiday program. We will also look at the possibility of loaning them to families on weekends and holidays. 

Mr Wood has now sourced around $20000 in funding for various sporting endeavors. 

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