lunchWelcome to St Kevin’s school. You may have noticed that we are different to many other small schools. We have that same strong sense of community and a strength of character and faith that drives us as our community would expect. While we might be small in numbers, we more than make up for this in our resolve, sense of worth and accomplishment.

We certainly operate as a large school would, we stand tall and are ready to take on the world in any area. Our students go on to a wide variety of State, Catholic & Independent schools in Melbourne. Many of them continue to shine in secondary school, taking on leadership roles in the Performing Arts, Sporting endeavours, Academic pursuits and in School Leadership positions. These are regular occurrences to the point where we are not surprised to see that in 2012 we saw ex-St Kevin’s students in leadership roles across all these areas in most secondary schools that our students attend.

We are also leaders in our own right, this is where our tradition begins. We consistently perform above averages in government implemented testing with our trend data comparing well with or better than costly Independent colleges both near and far. We provide a varied and complete curriculum that provides opportunities for our students to shine in many areas life.

We are proud and honoured to serve you and work with you in ensuring that your child reaches their potential.

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