School History


St Kevin’s School opened on 28th of April 1924 under the parish of St Anthony’s Glenhuntly with an enrolment of 51 students, Prep to Grade 8. By the end of the year the attendance had grown to 92. In 1928, St Kevin’s Parish was formed with Father Conlon as Parish priest. By 1931 the enrolment was 218. This peaked in 1956 with 409 students. Two Presentations Sisters, Sisters Bonaventure and Patrick were the first teachers at St Kevin’s, who, in those early pioneering days, often walked to and from Gardenvale to Ormond until the bus service became more reliable. Originally the school consisted of a hall used as a Church for Mass with three rooms upstairs and a nun’s room. In 1955 the current Church was built, which then allowed the school to be solely used for educational purposes.  The modern up-to-date facilities that now exist are as a result of several refurbishments and additions to the original building.

Presentation nuns are a founding part of the rich history of St Kevin’s school. From the beginning in 1924, Presentation nuns were a constant in the school through until 1973.


The school consists of a two-storey building refurbished in 2001 and, again, in 2009-10. The lower floor consists of administration, staffroom, Library and Teacher Resource room, several office/meeting rooms and a multi-purpose area. All learning areas are currently located upstairs. This includes a state of the art senior learning area. The school has use of the Parish Hall during school hours and for Out of Hours School Care and two portable rooms provide facilities for specialist classes.

St Kevin’s Parish primary School is an integral part of the wider Parish community. Our enrolment in 2014 is 189 children from Prep to Year 6, primarily from an Anglo-Saxon/ European background. Our classes are arranged to meet the needs of our school community and to support best teaching practices.

In 2014, the school structure consisted of 2 x Prep, two Year 1/2, two Year 3/4, and a senior unit housing the Senior Unit (year 5 & 6 students). At various times of the week/day the senior students are mixed and separated in an ultra modern learning environment.

The Catholic faith, ideals and attitudes encapsulated in our vision statement, are valued and taught to children. The Religious Education Program follows the Diocesan Guidelines and all areas of the Victorian Essential Learnings (VELS) are covered, with specialist teachers covering the areas of LOTE  (Mandarin), Art, PE and Music.


The teachers at St Kevin’s are professional in their attitude and approach to education and are committed to the ethos of Catholic education. They are caring and supportive of children, parents and each other. Innovative and progressive in their ideas, they are committed to the provision of effective educational programs to ensure the needs of each child are being met, spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically.

Programs within the curriculum include: ClaSS Literacy Program Prep to 2, Reading Recovery, Sun Smart, Outdoor Education, Cross Arts, Performing Arts, Swimming Carnival (P-6)an d Instruction Program (Prep to Year 4), Interschool Sports Year 3-6, Individual School Drug Education Strategy ( ISDES), Healthy Relationships, Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for Prep and the Prep/6 Buddy Program. Out of School Hours Care is available on site and is managed by the parent body as an OHSC Committee. The program runs both before and after school as well as offering holiday and school closure programs.

Our school are at the forefront of integrating modern technologies into the the learning and teaching cycles to engage students and open our school to the community and wider world. We are featured in some of these endeavours by the Catholic Education Office as models of exemplar practise.

Parents are actively involved in school life through classroom activities, excursions, special programs, the St Kevin’s School Education Board and Parents & Friends Association.

St Kevin’s Parish

St Kevin’s Parish dates effectively from 30th March 1924 when the foundation stone of the original church/school was blessed and laid by His Grace, the Archbishop of Melbourne Daniel Mannix.  Until 1928 it was administered from St Anthony’s, Glenhuntly until its formation as a separate Parish with Fr Frank Conlan as its first Parish Priest.  The official opening took place on Sunday 25th November 1928.  St Kevin’s Parish was partnered with St Patrick’s Murrumbeena in 2003 and in 2010 the Parish Priest is Fr Barry Tobin.  The parishes retain their separate identity but work together a community of faith.

Our Patron Saint

St Kevin of Glendalough   498 – 618

St Kevin (Coemgen or Keivin) was born to a wealthy family in Ireland in 498. He was baptized by Saint Cronan and at seven he was put under the tutelidge of St Petrocus. After five years with him he was placed under the care of three anchorites (Dogain, Lochan, and Enna).   He spent three years under their guidance studying the Holy Scriptures before taking on the monastic habit. Some time later he founded a great monastery at Glendaloch. The reputation of Saint Kevin and his monastery attracted a growing number of pilgrims, thus making Glendalough into a great and holy city. Saint Kevin then was elevated to the status of bishop, and erected a church there under the invocation of Saints Peter and Paul. Saint Kevin’s patience was also the stuff of legend: a story is told that once a bird laid an egg in the palm of his hand. Saint Kevin, not wanting to harm the egg, remained motionless until the egg was hatched.

Saint Kevin died on July 3, 618. His feast is celebrated on the third of July in both Orthodox and Western calendars. However in Ireland it is celebrated on the 3rd of June!

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