School Uniform

uniformPictured is the summer boys uniform. Very smartly modelled I might add!

As of 2014 all St Kevin’s school uniform pieces are outsourced to Primary School Wear (PSW).  Orders can be made via school or directly from PSW.

PSW operate an online shop at

Alternatively you can purchase directly from their store in Cheltenham. Their hours are listed here.

The current price list for St Kevin’s is listed here.

Second Hand Uniform Store on Facebook: St Kevin’s has created an online second-hand uniform store for parents to advertise and buy second-hand uniform pieces. This is a closed group on Facebook. Search “St. Kevin’s Second Hand Uniform Store” group and apply to join.

Summer Uniform: Terms 1 & 4

Winter Uniform: Terms 2 & 3

There is a transitional period of two weeks for each uniform change. Parents may choose to revert to winter or summer uniform early in the changes if it is particularly hot/cold on a given day.

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