Inter-school Sport: How does it work?

Sport can be somewhat confusing. What days do my children wear a sports uniform? Where are they going today? Who is supervising? Which classes can/are going? Is it for everyone or are children selected?

I’ll try and explain how the whole system works.

Physical Education

  • Every class has a one (1) hour Physical Education Class. This is with the school PE teacher, Mr David Kahanoff. The focus of these classes is skill acquisition and development not on “games” and competition. Children should wear their full sports uniform on this day to school. As part of the PE program Mr K will also arrange some clinics to be run at school where sporting identities and clubs mat visit the school to conduct specific clinics. An example of this is the community programs where AFL footballers visit schools running clinics. If possible these clinics will be run on the scheduled PE days. This isn’t always possible and for all clinics a note will be sent home with details about what is happening. If the clinic is happening off site, eg, EE Gunn reserve, parents may be asked to volunteer some time to walk to and from the venue as there are legal adult:student ratios when leaving the school.

Tennis Lessons

  • Tennis lessons operate much like the Musical Instrument program. The Parish Tennis club’s resident instructor offers Tennis lessons operating during lunchtimes. These are paid for separately by parents directly to the Tennis Club and we allow the tennis instructor to collect children receiving lessons from school during lunchtime for their lessons. Children participating in Tennis lessons should always wear their normal school uniform to school, including school shoes. Tennis Shoes can be brought in their bags and changed into for their lessons.

After School Sports

  • There are several basketball and netball teams that train on the school court after school on different days of the week. Each year they seek permission and prefered days for use from the school. The school then allocates times. These teams are coordinated and run by the parents. If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please see the parents at training. The school does not supervise these children. The school’s role is to cordinate and share the use of the facility.
  • Children wear their normal school uniform to school on these days.

Friday Senior Sport

  • The senior classes (5 & 6) participate in inter-school sport. The collection of schools in our “zone” is the Holt network. Our “zone” is divided into two sections, Holt and Dendy. We participate in both summer and winter sports where a round robin competition is organised. The are no finals or ladders. The focus is fun and friendly competition. Our home games are played either at school or at EE Gunn reserve. Notes with venues and dates are sent home at the beginning of each season. Preference is given to the year six children, not on the level of skill. Year 5 children fill the places left. Both senior teachers attend and supervise but there is often the need for parent volunteers for things like Netball umpiring. Parents who can possibly help are asked in the initial permission notes.

District Sports Days (Holt)

  •  These are provided in two categories:
    1. Fun days eg Hooptime, Lightning Prem Soccer/Football/Netball etc.
      These are usually whole day events where each school in Holt attend and play each other. Focus is fun but often there is a knockout theme with finals on the day. These are usually whole year level and there are also event days for the middle school. Often parents are required as extra supervisors as teachers will have organising jobs on the day. Letters of permission would go home for these and parent volunteers asked for there.
    2. Competition Days
      These are selection events where the best performers go on to the next level. Zone – District – Region – State
      Initially, like in the cross country, all children may participate, with the top 8 going on to the next level. For other sports, only a narrow range of high ability children are selected from the start. These are the “serious” sporting endeavours.
  • District days will often require parent helpers. While all of these events are listed on our calendar, we may not have any children competing in these events. Note and details always go home about these. At the higher levels of competition, there may not be a teacher from our school attending. When we have a number of children attending we usually send a teacher along. When there are only a few children and they are only at the event for a portion of the day, it will usually be the parents responsibility to take and supervise the child participating. This is also made clear in the notes.



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