Mural for Bike Shed Wall

Not very long after arriving at St Kevin’s, I was greeted by a parent who had an idea of a mural being put on the wall of the bike shed. The basic idea being, something to liven up the yard and to create a visual representation of the culture of St Kevin’s and be representational of the student body. Exactly what that might look like was unsure but it was worth exploring. That parent was John Basile. He had already floated the idea to Pam Bishop and while I liked the idea, I had only just arrived at St Kevin’s and there was much to learn about. The idea was never really lost but there were several other projects that got in the way. At one point the bike shed was even to be demolished or moved. Then relatively recently the bike shed was redeveloped in its current form. The outer concrete wall was retained and more was thought about the notion of a mural being painted on the exterior wall. The P&F group were also keen to see something happen in this space and were prepared to finance the project. So, things have developed rapidly this year with a final design idea currently being worked on. While I haven’t seen what this is, I have a goal that any design needs to achieve:

“The finished piece must be representative of the school community. It must be created through input from the student body and it must reflect the values of the community. The piece should be contributed to be the student body and create a sense of ownership for the whole student body.”

On Tuesday this week, the artist known as Doyle, visited with our Student Leadership body (SRC) and listened to their ideas as about what they would like to see and how they might all be represented in the work. They also gave him an art piece from every student in the school for him to study before coming back to the school with a draft piece. The draft will be brought back to our school for SRC to approve and then be presented to Mr Day for final approval. When the work commences, the students will maintain their involvement with constant dialogue between artist and students ensuring that the work is controlled by the student body and will provide a unique opportunity for the students to watch the work progress and enter into dialogue with the artist.


There are many parents that been active in this space, John Basile, who first presented the idea, Mrs Renaudin who has been active in guiding the development from the start and now with the SRC and the P&F through Will Kermode who have supported the project by financing a professional artist to participate in the program. So, while there is not one person with credit for this happening, this also fits the criteria of achieving something that is about community. Should you have any further information or want more information about this project, please contact the school.

SRC Report on meeting the artist Doyle
On Tuesday the 18 of October, a street artist named Doyle came to our school to talk to the SRC about our bike shed wall. Doyle is going to paint our bike shed to make it look better. Doyle is a professional street artist who owns his own art studio and works for the government to do some of the alleys in the city. He talked about who he was and what type or art he does then we talked about ideas for our bike shed. We showed him our paintings that we made a few weeks ago in art to give him a idea what we wanted. Doyle is now going to look through all our ideas and will be painting it based on our views of what we want the bike shed to look like. Doyle is a really talented artist and we look forward to seeing him again.

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