Parents & Friends Constitution



The name shall be the St. Kevin’s Parents and Friends Association, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.


The Association exists because the school exists. The Association provides services for the pupils of the school and works for the good of the school. The Association requires the approval of the Parish Priest and/or Principal to be officially associated with the school and to operate on the school premises. The Association’s goals are:

  • to raise and provide funds for the school,
  • to facilitate social opportunities and to enhance a sense of community for parents and friends of the school.


The members of the Association shall comprise:

  1. the parents or guardians of children attending the school, and
  2. any interested person who applies for and is granted membership by the committee and who, after attending three general meetings in the term of the committee has a voting right.


Election of Executive members and general committee members shall take place at the November meeting in 1987 and henceforth at the November meeting which shall be the Annual General Meeting from 1988.

  • Election of office bearers and members of the committee will be for a period of twelve months.
  • A retiring member shall be eligible for re-election for a further term at the discretion of the committee.
  • Any casual vacancy on the committee will be filled by election by the committee by a simple majority.


Management of the Association shall be vested in a committee consisting of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Newsletter/Calendar Communications
  • An unlimited number of committee members


  • The quorum for General Meetings shall consist of six committee members.

7. Any members of the committee absent for three consecutive meetings without acceptable reason shall forfeit hislher place on the committee.

8. The Association shall meet at least once a month between February and November and at least two days’ prior notice of the meeting shall be given to all committee members.

9. Meetings shall be no longer than 2.0 hours, unless a majority vote for extension ofa maximum 15 minutes.

10. The committee may appoint management sub-committees consisting of members of the committee, members of the Association or other volunteers as required.

11. All meetings shall be conducted according to standard procedure.


  • All voting will be determined by a simple majority by a show of hands, unless where two or more members present and voting request a ballot.


  • The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings and deal with correspondence and motions as directed.


  • The funds of the Association shall be lodged with a bank approved by the committee. Finance shall be raised from grants, donations, fund raising, and other means approved by the committee, Principal and/or Parish Priest. Funds raised shall be spent for the good ofthe school and the children enrolled therein.
  • The expenditure of such funds shall be decided after recommendation by the Association to the School Education Board who will then make a recommendation to the Principal and Parish Priest.
  • Any expenditure made by the Association for the school, on items listed on the item classification of the Annual Financial Statement, must be made through the appropriate account, and all expenditure listed items must be recorded in the cash book of the appropriate account.


  • The treasurer and assistant treasurer shall receive all monies, pay all accounts passed for payment by the committee, keep accurate records and submit a financial report at each meeting.

16. All accounts must be paid by cheque and signed by any two of the Executive members of the committee.


  • At least once a year, the books must be audited by the Auditor appointed, who shall be a member of a recognised body of accountants, or a person sufficiently versed in business practice to carry out the duties of Auditor capably.


  • The Constitution can be amended at a special meeting of the Association provided that fourteen clear days written notice (in the school newsletter or similar document) of the date, time and venue of the meeting and the proposed amendment is provided to members. The amendment can be passed by two thirds of members present.


  • The Association shall not be dissolved except by consent of three quarters of those present at an Extraordinary General Meeting called especially for the purpose, for which 21 days prior written notice must be given by the Secretary to all members.
  • Any and all assets remaining after the full settlement of all just debts incurred by the Association shall become the property of the school.


Adopted by the Executive member and Committee of the Association at a meeting held on 17 November 1999.
Altered at meeting of 20 November 1996
Altered at meeting of 20 November 1996
Altered at meeting of 18 November 1998
Altered at meeting of 17 November 1999
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