Prelude to school :: 2014

Dear Parents,


Welcome back to school! I hope that you have all had a restful and enjoyable holiday break with your families. I wanted to touch base with you all and just give you the rundown on the first few days of school. Some items are applicable to the whole school body others to only sections, so I hope I don’t confuse anyone.

The teachers will start the year a little differently this year with all teachers being outside to meet and greet with the parents and students. All teachers here tomorrow will be out on the yard from 8:45 – 9:15 chatting with parents and students. It is a great opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher if you can make it. I will have the coffee machine out and will be pumping them out as quick as possible for all, so don’t forget to say hello to me and get your free coffee.

  • When you arrive at school tomorrow morning the adventure playground will be closed. With the works on the church over the holiday break only finishing today we are having the soft-fall topped up and the company “We Blow” will have their truck in the yard tomorrow morning ensuring that there is adequate coverage for the children.
  • The school calendar is up and running on the school’s website. You can also access it from the Mobile App.
  • Year 5 and 6 students do not have come to school tomorrow with an iPad. We will be running the 1:1 program but more information will go home in the next few days.
  • We have one new prep student starting tomorrow who is the fourth generation in her family to come to St Kevin’s. It is the school’s 90th birthday this year as well so what an achievement to be the fourth generation! The Leader newspaper will be here at 12:30 to run a story on our fourth generation student.
  • For Thursday and Friday the Peps will be going home at 12:30.
  • Tomorrow is predicated to get to 33 at this point. If the temperature forecast goes to 35 this afternoon we will keep the children in at lunch recess in the air conditioned buildings.
  • Tomorrow we will open the website to book Student Information Sessions. A note will go home about this tomorrow with all the details.
  • For the next two days and all of next week the teachers will again be running the Positive Start to School program. Normal classes will commence after this. We will provide more information about this in Friday’s newsletter.
  • This year assemblies will be on a Thursday at 2.45. The first one will be next week. We will detail this change in Friday’s newsletter.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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