School Uniform: Second Hand Store

Over the years the Parents & Friends group has been responsible for the onselling of second hand uniforms. Parents who have had uniform pieces that no longer fit their children have donated the uniforms to the parents & friends group and they have sold them at marginal costs, with the proceeds going towards the fund raising activities of the school. The parents who ran the venture were always volunteers who gave of their time for the benefit of the school. Both last year and this year there has not been any parents with the time to be able to coordinate this venture any longer. The school recognises that there is still a need for such a service to support families where the financial demands are greater. Or it may simply be that your child is going through a growth spurt and content “new” uniforms are taking their toll.

To support parents here the school has established an online second hand uniform store where parents can advertise their own uniform pieces and parents can contact them directly. Alternatively, if you would like to continue to support the fund raising directives of the P&F you can send your uniform pieces in to the school and we will arrange to post and sell these pieces with the proceeds going to the school as in the past.

To access the second hand uniform store we have set up a new website. There is a link from the information section of the website labelled “classifieds”. The school will also use this site to sell second hand ex capital items. Alternatively, click here.

To post an item you will first need to register. If you have any difficulty, please call the school and we will step you through the process.

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