Social & Emotional Learning Program

Coming across my table today was the email below. It was one of those emails that teachers love getting as it tells them that they are making a positive difference. We always hear when things aren’t going well (& want to so that we can work together to solve) but rarely hear when things are going well.

The email tells me as a principal that the social-emotional program we have put in place and continue to work on is having an effect and that the teachers are following through on social issues. When you as a parent are happy with your child’s development, academically and socially, we are also happy. So thanks!


Hi (teacher),

Just wanted to say thank you for the support you offered (Student) with the (Student) situation.  He is now 100% confident to go to school and is very at ease with how to manage other kids.  He told me if he finds himself in that situation with a ‘bully’ that he just moves on and plays something else.  He also mentioned that the teachers had it ‘under control’…..that’s pretty much exactly what you want to hear as a parent.


Thank you for the constant support and the fast action.  Most appreciated.




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