St Kevin’s Dads

Each week the dads of St Kevin’s engage in battle for the reputation of our school. Latest intel report …

A tough night in wet and windy conditions at Essex Heights Reserve last night.
We were meant to be playing The Fireballs, however for some reason they pulled out at the last minute (must have heard we were fired up for them). Somehow the St Michaels Sharks took their place which is a little strange seeing they are in Division 1 this season (we are in Division 2). St Michaels Sharks were one of the top sides in our division last season and comfortably beat us by 28 points last time we met.

In a tough match the Sharks were ahead by 17 points at half time, but given we had the wind in the second half we were still a chance to win. We pushed our best marking players into the forward line, put Chappy in the centre and things started to turn around for us.

With 5 minutes to go we hit the lead, but then the Sharks steadied to kick the last goal of the game and snatch victory from us.

Although it was frustrating to be defeated by 4 points it was a really good performance by all of us against a quality team. Everyone made a solid contribution under trying conditions and if we continue to play like that we will go a long way to finishing high up the ladder this season.

St Kevins Tigers: 6.6.42
Defeated by
St Michaels Sharks: 7.4.46

Best Players: Whole team – well done boys
Goals: Brett Smith 3, Ules Ganas 1, Michael Lewis 1, Vito Giudice 1

3 – Brett Smith
2 – Stuart Cormack
1 – Chris Chapman

**Our Best & Fairest award, The Brennan Medal will be handed out on an annual basis. So it covers the Summer, Autumn and Spring seasons.

**We will also have a leading goal kicker award fittingly named The Larnce Leigh Medal which will again cover all three seasons.



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