Senior Leadership … 2014

While our school recognises traditional Leadership roles of School and House Captains, we also recognise that leadership skills need to be taught to all students and them given opportunities to hone these skills. Part of this process is our Student Representative Council where students fill a role for a semester at a time. In a new development this year, our Senior unit has taken leadership several steps further along this journey. It is something that both the student body and school are excited about and we look forward to seeing it play out.


Detailed here are the programs and structures that we have developed as our work in progress.

Senior Unit 5 Leadership Skills Development

The students in SU5 are taken through leadership skills and experiences via the Michael Gross program. A website about this program can be found at The school uses this program as an induction of skills, with children working through actvities selected by the teacher that match with areas of need identified by the Senior Team.

Senior Unit 6 Leadership Projects

This year (2014) the school has developed fluid leadership groups that the children participate in each term. The structure is tight so that it is very clear to students what they are working on to achieve. There are six leadership areas that formulate the program. These are:

  • Parish Leadership
  • Junior School Service
  • Care for the Environment: recycle
  • Care for the Environment: sustainability
  • Social Justice

The structure of each group is designed to fit into term long projects. Raising the awareness of leadership development is also important to the school and student body. Each group is accountable for the goals they set and must reflect on the success or learn from any reasons why success was not achieved. In this way the children see that leadership is learnt from success and failure.

Project Structure

Week 1
Groupings are formed with students taking on a different leadership group each term. In this way the students work with different children throughout the year. As a group the children brainstorm a goal they might take on for the term. Together they work on this goal until it is something they are all happy with. Teacher guidance can be sought during this time. The goal is not stated as the “äction” they wish to implement but more as a general concept.
Week 2 Groups present their goals to the senior unit. The role of the senior unit is to assist in refining the goal so that it is both a measurable and achievable goal. The larger group can also assist with necessary steps required to achieve the goal. After this each group brainstorms all possible steps that need to be carried out to achieve their goal. This process may include discussions with school staff and their parents. Once these are finalised, group photos and their goals are published online to the school’s website.
Week 3  Active group work on moving through steps
Week 4  Active group work on moving through steps
Week 5  Active group work on moving through steps
Week 6  Active group work on moving through steps
Week 7  Active group work on moving through stepsMeeting with Principal to review process and propose closure.
Week 8  Project finish
Week 9  Group reflects on success/failure of goal and develops a presentation that will be delivered to the school and broader community through the school website.
Week 10  Group presentations to the school. These are recorded and published to the school website.


2014 Term 1 Leadership Groups


We are trying to raise awareness to show that everyone in this school community is treated equal and fair, the social justice team thought it would be a great way to show everyone in the school all the different cultures.

Our goal was to spread the word of recycling throughout the school and community that recycling is great :). We are going to recycle in a special way that includes the whole school with an awesome display.




As a Parish Group we would like to take a visit and help out at Ormond and McKinnon Community Kindergartens. We would like to go because we thought this would promote St Kevin’s and help out the kinder. It will mean we will serve the local community.

To support the junior students and there learning areas by helping them by doing fun and learning activities. we want to help in ICT, Reading, and many more.



We would like to introduce sustainability captains for now and the future years, there will be 2 captains for each class, each term. The sustainability captains will be in charge of checking the checklist of what needs to be turned off before going out to lunch, snack and the end of the day. We will supply a list for each classroom to check.

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