Term 1 Recap …

Welcome to School Event

It has been an eventful term and we have had many great successes during the 9 weeks we have been at school this year. The term/year started off with a great community event coordinated by the P&F and supported in learning & teaching by the classroom teachers. It was a wonderful and inviting way to start off the year.

Swim Carnival

The whole school swimming carnival has now become a regular feature to the start of the year as well. It is a tribute to our families and student body that just a few weeks into a school year, we can have our prep children, swimmers and non-swimmers in the water at this event. This year was perhaps the best event yet, featuring the newly made house colour flags proudly on display.


The newly established sustainability garden has engaged the whole school with students starting from growing their own seedlings to planting out theL1020005 food garden. This has complimented the walled garden started by the students in the second half of last year. Thanks to the great work of Mrs Frater and the children in coordinating this project. Creating a more varied playspace for the children has also seen substantial developments this term with the creation of our cafe styled area outside the library. A giant chess/checkers set, seating and planter boxes have already been installed and more recently we added some cafe tables and chairs. This area has been a big hit with many of our students.

Solar Energy

Senior children inspecting the works.

Our Solar energy project has been a tremendous achievement with St Kevin’s school being the first Catholic school in Australia to a solar conversion of this magnitude. The savings to our energy costs will translate directly into more funds transferred to teaching & learning and the educational outcomes children will have opportunity to explore should prove very beneficial. We can track our usage and production in real-time. This should prove to be a great tool to use with the children.

The review of our homework policy and procedure was quite extensive and so far, the feedback from parents and students has been very positive. We will continue to monitor this over term 2 and then make a final decision moving forward.

Learning Profiles


AnswerGarden Parent feedback

This week our families have been sharing in the Learning Profile trial that we have implemented as one of the ways we can open the communication between parents and school about the ongoing learning journey of our students. The feedback during this event has also been very well received. The learning profiles most important component has been the involvement of the students themselves taking ownership of their successes and working on developing the goals that they will be focusing on in term 2. Parents can now also have continuing access to the learning that is happening online. Next term we will open a showcase of student learning in the Shared Area. Feedback obtained so far (above) from the parent body has been very positive with areas also to address for term three when we repeat the process.

Our school continues to drive development where technology can assist in creating greater engagement of children and where the walls of the school are not in the way of parents seeing what’s happening. While all students in years Prep – 4 have access to iPad and desktop computers, we have added to the technology options with the purchase this week of a class set of Chromebooks. These are already being used by senior children and all class teachers use one as part of their professional toolkit. These are a great (inexpensive) option for families too. If you would like more information on these, please contact me or come in and see one working.

So with term one down and so much both already happening, it has been a very engaging start to the year. I’m looking forward to our continuing journey. See you all next term.


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