Term 1 Reflections …

What an excellent term we have had! It’s all coming to close very quickly now with just a week left there are lots of things to do in preparatuion for the end of term and the beginning of a new term. Some of the highlights of this term for me have been:

  • Day One Welcome: In a change from recent years we decided to start the year off with a welcome morning coffee and chat with all teachers being in attendance outside for the morning. It was a great start to the day where many parents stayed for an extended morning drop off to chat with each other and the class teachers. This was such a great success that we will repeat this event to kick off Term 2.
  • Teachers outside after School: Many parents have commented, some just to ask how long this would last, but last it has and it has also been a great success. As a school we decided that the entire staff would join the students outside for the first 10 minutes after the bell at the end of each day. The purpose being to make them more accessible to parents and students in a less formal environment. Thank you to all the parents that have commented on this as being such a positive initiative.
  • Ride2School day: This really was a phenominal event with such a large level of engagement. I was so proud of the students and teachers who all put in to make this such a fantasic day for the children. Special thanks to the few parents who on the day saw there was a job to be done and just went ahead and did it.
  • Parents & Friends reinvigotrated: With the passing of the old we have had a new generation of parents stand up and take the batton. Special thanks to Ruth Giles who lead our new group of parents and we look forward to their ongoing support throught 2014.
  • 2 Prep classes: What a remarkable achievement it has been for St Kevin’s where a few years ago our numbers were heading downwards towards 150. Over the past two years we have had waiting lists with the amount of families that want to call St Kevin’s home. This is a credit to the staff as well as the parent body. Also credit needs to go towards our senior students who regularly take prospective parents on tours of the school.
  • Senior Leadership program: Change is sometimes frowned upon as people want to do things the ways they have always been done. I can’t sit back and let things roll on the way they always have. I am by position an agent of change. Schools must also be constantly changing and morphing into institutions that are preparing future citizens of the world. Our Senior Leadership program has been slowly but surely developing over the past few years and now this year we have taken our largest step to date with the formation of our Leadership Action groups. They have formulated some outstanding targets for the coming term. You can read about them on the school website. http://tinyurl.com/l639ok9
  • Whole School Swimming Carnival: Prep – Year 6 for a whole school swim carnival in March! I don’t think you’ll see many other school attempting this. We thought we could do it and we have now over a three year period. Next year we are looking to make
    further inprovements to the carnival.
  • Musical Experience Morning: Another event where we just were not sure if it would work … but to the credit of all involved it went off very well. As a matter of fact, with so many things happening today at St Kevin’s the federal member, Elizabeth Miller thought she’d pop in and see all the great things happening at St Kevin’s. She was sad to have missed the musical performance but is keen to come back for the next one. Elizabeth follows us on Twitter and has been reading with interest all the happenings at the school in 2014.
  • Catholic Education Visual Arts Exhibition: Again this year, through the work done at school with the children by Felicity Renaudin, our student art work was featured in the Catholic Education Office’s annual Visual Art Exhibition. This year I went along to the awards ceremony. While we didn’t win any awards it was still amazing to see St Kevin’s featured among all the best art works in metropolitan Melbourne.
  • OHSC: The Before and After School care phenominum continues to amaze me. After struggling over a period of years to establish a program in the school, all it took was a group of committed St Kevin’s parents. The program has gone from strength to strength and it is all due to commitment and dedication of the parent committee lead by Nicole Summers. Not only is After School Care thriving but we now have an established Before School Care program and a holiday program as well.
  • School Library: Two years ago we recognised that our magnificent library facility upstairs was not being utilised by the school community as intended. Last year was our first step in moving the library downstairs and making it more accessible to the community. This term we implemented our open library program where it is open on Thursdays and Fridays before school, at play breaks and after school. To assist in drawing in the community we also implemented programs where children were engaged by others. The library now buzzes with activity on these days. On Thursday mornings we have the year 6 children sharingand reading books with their prep buddies and on Friday mornings we have adult guest readers.

I’m sure you would agree that the school year has started well for all our children and their families. It is due to the strong bonds this helps create that we can be resilient when things don’t go as planned or when tragedy strikes as it has for some this term. We keep you all in our prayers and know that together we will continue to achieve great highs together.

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