Term 2 recap …

file_008-1This term has certainly raced by with only a few days left. The holidays will certainly be a welcome event if we get some more lovely spring weather over the break. Every term we end up looking forward to next, hoping that it won’t be a busy as this one. It rarely is though. We sometimes forget all that happens in 10 weeks though, so in case you were thinking not very much has happened at St Kevin’s this term:

  • We transformed our school waste system from a traditional all in one to separation of waste. This was student driven and has also seen us re-invigorate the student energy monitor system. The children in these roles take the responsibility very seriously and see themselves as drivers of change in sustainable living.

  • We welcomed two new staff members in year 3/4 with Megan Moore and in the office we welcomed Sally Irwin. Both have been outstanding contributors to school life. Sally being the virtual face of the school has managed the task magnificently with many parents and visitors to the school commenting on her positive manner.
  • The term has been busy in faith development with the students being involved in two Sacraments this term. Earlier the year 6 children received the Sacrament of Confirmation and this Sunday the year 3 student will celebrate First Holy Communion.
  • A whole school focus on the Olympics was very successful for the engagement of students in the learning process and managed to hold the attention of all.
    The school staff were happy to support and contribute to the parents with the annual major fundraiser. While we didn’t win the quiz night, I was happy that we were not last!
  • Footy colours day was an outstanding success. Over the last two years the format and activities provided on the day have really stepped up. This has been greatly contributed to by Michelle Peterson, parent and local Auskick coach.
    While second term saw the junior school hatching chickens, the level of interest and opportunities for learning have seen a chicken coop installation in term 3. Look out Term 4 when the chickens arrive! This augers well well to partner the kitchen garden and future cooking!
  • The playground was reopened this term and we are hopeful that the holiday break will substantial refurbishment works to the area along the fence line. Many Pethic, Amy Frater and the students have been active and welcome participants in this space.
  • In the last week of term we will run our second installation of the Learning Profiles Day. This event is a major step up from traditional parent teacher meetings with student playing an active part in the discussions surrounding their learning.
  • The school concert! Who can forget the school concert? The concert was a major achievement of the term and managed to build well on the relatively short tradition that this is.

This shows that St Kevin’s is a happening place with many things happening in the open and under the surface. Planning for term 4 to ensure that this drive continues is also well underway. More on this though next term …

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