The SLIP wall

File_000As part of our student engagement and promoting our student work, we have created a SLIP wall. The SLIP wall is an acronym, it stands for student learning in profile. The goal of our SLIP wall is to feature student work to the whole school community on a continuous basis. Every student has been provided an A4 space on our wall to show a piece of work that they believe represents the higher quality that they are capable of and shows something about the recent learning that is happening in their class.

As a first opening of the SLIP wall, the whole school has chosen to focus on sustainability and one of the many components that we have been talking and learning about over the term. The goal will be to rotate the work samples a few times per term. After this initial showing, there won’t generally be a whole school focus area for the SLIP wall, but rather a broad snapshot of what is happening in the classrooms. Individual pieces will also by loaded to the individual student digital profiles as part of their ongoing record or learning. So, please take some time to look at the magnificent learning happening in St Kevin’s.

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