Welcome to our school …

Welcome to St Kevin’s,

We are a small community school located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have a strong personal focus and take a leading role in our sector in engaging students through strong social/emotional learning programs and a level of care and support that is endemic to small schools. St Kevin’s has been a thriving school for over 90 years, supplying leaders to state and independent schools and sending forth students confident in their abilities and with the necessary social and academic skills to stand comfortably in any setting.

Our school features a rich and varied academic program and with it’s strong emphasis on social wellbeing through a Social/Emotional Learning program. Academically our students have consistently performed above state and national averages for many years. In our current cycle of school development, we have a strong focus on value adding in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. We offer parents a broad and in-depth curriculum that focuses not just on yearly content but also on individual needs of children. Our parent body runs and maintains a professional and highly successful Before and After School program.

Our website has gathered in it much of the curriculum material that parents want and need to know about any school. It also houses many of the events and happenings that feed into the wonderful community that we embrace. If you would like a more personal experience, please contact the school and arrange for a personal tour conducted by our senior students and a chat with a member of the leadership team or myself.

Thanks for your time in viewing St Kevin’s.

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