When things go wrong …

The goals of resolving … when things go wrong

When things go off the rails, all people, children and adults, have the same needs:

  • a chance to tell their side of the story and feel heard-
  • to understand better how the situation happened
  • to understand how it can be avoided another time-
  • to feel understood by the others involved
  • to find a way to move on and feel better about themselves

None of these things can happen unless sound relationships exist between student/student, student/teacher, teacher/teacher and teacher/parent.

St Kevin’s strives to build relationships throughout the school year. We have taken start of year testing out of the curriculum in the first weeks of the school year and replaced these with relationship building activities. We believe that this will provide a sound and stable foundation to moving ahead together for the remainder of the year.


For further information on resolving conflict, see here.

Victim, or agressor, each person has a right to:

  • talk about what has happened
  • explain how it made you feel
  • explain what made you say/do that
  • be given an opportunity to understand
  • apologise and to accept an apology
  • make up for things
  • move on and put it behind you
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