Before School Care

Hours of operation:

Monday – Thursday

Start time: drop off any time after 7am. 

Drop off:

Children are dropped off by parents. Sign your child/ren in at the front table in the attendance register. Please always ensure an educator knows you have arrived to drop off.

Children leave their bags, say good-bye (hopefully mum or dad have got time to get a coffee before the train!) and head off to have some breakfast (cereal, toast, yoghurt, fruit)!

What we do:

Children have breakfast upon arrival and then can play a quiet game, complete any homework and relax before school. We have intentionally NOT scheduled many activities as we do not want children tired before they get to class. We also acknowledge that some children take time to ‘warm up’ in the mornings.

However some activities will be available – drawing, simple craft, ball games, board games etc.

We have an early drop off and a SHORT STAY session. Children who come from 7am will have more time to have breakfast and complete activities and are therefore charged a higher fee. Those who arrive from 8.00am have reduced time for activities so are charged a lower rate. Please refer to the fees schedule.

What to bring:

Children bring their school bags and anything else they need for the school day (their lunches, homework etc).

We also ask that your child brings a toothbrush and toothpaste (if they haven't cleaned their teeth already). 

Transfer of my child/ren to school’s care:

At 8.30 am teachers are on duty and children will transfer to the school's care, either playing outside or waiting in the open area with the rest of their class mates. 

Our philosophy

We operate at all times in accordance with our Philosophy. We always comply with our code of conduct and ask that families also comply with the code of conduct. For more information on how the centre runs, please see our policies and procedures.

Contacting your child/ren or the carer

Use the mobile number which is carried by the educators at all time, for contacting the them or your children. See contact us.


There are 2 different fees structure depending on your drop off times and therefore your needs:

  • Normal stay from 7am
  • SHORT STAY from 8.00am (reduced fee and time at the service)

Please see the fees schedule.

Remember child care rebate applies to before school care and Child Care Benefit to qualifying families.

How to book:


Please make a booking via the OHSC bookings form for any day, Monday to Thursday.


Please follow the How to enrol process to enrol in OHSC first. Email ( or drop in your enrolment form and ezidebit form (at the school office). Write the day you wish to book on the enrolment form or in the email.