OHSC Enrolment

STEP 1: Read the Enrolment Policy


STEP 2: Complete the Enrolment Form

The completed enrolment form provides us with important details to ensure your child is cared for appropriately at all times. You also need to provide your child’s immunisation records with the enrolment form and if your child has any special needs, please provide any relevant supporting documentation e.g. Medical Emergency Plan


STEP 3: Complete Ezi-Debit Form
Complete and provide an ezi-debit form for direct debit. Once you have received confirmation from our enrolments officer that you are fully enrolled, you can book into the days that you require. Sessions are allocated on a first in, first served basis.

During the school day you can email , call the school office to make or cancel a booking or use the Make or Cancel Booking Form


STEP 4: Submit Paperwork
You can send your paperwork to us in three ways:

  • Through the school office
  • Direct to us via email to ohsc@skormond.catholic.edu.au
  • Mail: Attention OHSC-enrolments, 76 Glen Orme Avenue, Ormond 3204.


STEP 5: Confirmation of Booking
You will receive an email confirmation that you are enrolled and either booked into a session or ready to book casually. Welcome aboard!