Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends group represents the entire parent community of the school. All parents are invited to participate in any way and at any time. They are also invited to all P&F meetings. We ask that a few people put up their hand each year to ensure that certain jobs get done for the benefit of all.


The P&F serves two very important functions for the school and broader community. They have a role to fund raise for the school. Catholic schools come from a long tradition of being funded at levels less than the government sector. While funding has improved dramatically since the 1950’s, when we look at total federal and state funding, Catholic schools still receive less that their government counterparts. Catholic families work to lessen this difference and the funds that they raise throughout the year are put towards goals of the school that will benefit the children.


The second function of the P&F is to enhance build and support the network of families that is St Kevin’s. Being a small school, we have a reputation as a caring and strong community. This is not achieved by a single group or by any individuals. The Parents & Friends group also fulfills a pastoral role within the parish by supporting those in need through various means such as supporting families by providing meals. If you are aware of anyone that is in need, always contact a member of the executive so that they can organise appropriate support.


We are proud that this is created by all members of the community realising that they have an active role in contributing to this culture.


You can follow the P&F on Twitter. The handle is @skormond_PandF