Digital Citizenship

We are proud of our Digital Citizenship Policy, but would like all schools to be able to use ours as a base for their own policies. All we ask is that you acknowledge, or let us know. We would also love to see your own final policy.


St Kevin’s Digital Citizenship policy is a model policy that has been developed with today’s 24/7 access to social media and digital content in mind. We do not advocate non-use or protectionist practices but rather we take a stance on moderated and responsible use, where children are informed and taught about the strengths, weaknesses and dangers of online material. Our policy has been recommended for use by the education office and we believe that we are educational leaders in this field. Technology is tool that pervades all areas of life and education as an information medium itself.


To access our Digital Citizen Policy in PDF form click here: Social Media & Cyber Safety. To obtain an editable copy to use as a template for your own policy, please contact us.