School Psychologist & Counselling

Student wellbeing is a strong feature of St Kevin’s school. While we pride ourselves on the formation and ongoing development of strong teacher-student relationships and work with parents in providing a safe and nurturing place of learning, we recognise that sometimes things go wrong. Student anxieties and pressures need to be dealt with quickly and professionally. To aid in this process we are able to utilise the services of external service providers. Our Student Wellbeing Leader, the parent or even the child may at times recognise the need for extra care.

In consultation with your child's class teacher and school wellbeing leader a mental health plan can be developed for individual children. 

School Psychologist

St Kevin's has enlisted the services of Ms Ellie Nicolay who is able to begin working at St Kevin's to support children who may need professional guidance and counselling in relation to their wellbeing. Ellie comes highly recommended by our previous school based psychologist Natasha Cummins. If you believe that her services may be of benefit to your child you can contact me by email, phone or in person to discuss the need and process. 

Ellie Nicolay  Bio

Ellie is a psychologist who has a strong interest in supporting the wellbeing and positive development of young individuals and is passionate about working with children. She holds a Masters in ‘Educational and Developmental’ Psychology from Monash University, and has had experience working in primary school, secondary school and private clinic settings.

Ellie provides a holistic, family-centred approach to therapy and draws from a range of evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy and mindfulness. She believes that a collaborative approach involving the child, their parents, teachers and other allied health professionals, is integral to achieving the best outcomes. Ellie is also a mother of three young boys.