Reglious Education


Religious Education

At St Kevin’s, Religious Education is at the centre of the Catholic school curriculum. We promote an environment where educating our students to reach their full potential is our main objective. Religious Education inspires us to use the message of Jesus to encourage children to live as a person of faith in all walks of life. 

As a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, we use the text ‘Coming To Know, Worship and Love’ alongside the R.E.Renewal framework for our Religious Education program. The students develop an awareness of the presence of God through prayer, liturgy and Gospel stories. As a whole school, we celebrate our patron saint, St Kevin’s Feast Day and all other feast days throughout the year. Our a school's Sacramental Program includes Confirmation at Year 6, First Eucharist at Year 4and the sacrament of Reconciliation at Year 3.