In the area of Ormond and surrounds, parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to primary school options.  Being relatively new to the area when seeking out a school for my son, I did the usual things parents do e.g. learn about the experience of other parents, discussions with kinder teachers and touring the school.  Each child is so unique and often it comes to that strong “gut feel” whether a particular school will suit your child.  After all the discussions and all the research, this is what drove us to choose St. Kevin’s, Ormond.  It is impossible to not connect with the strong values and ethos of this school and how it will greatly benefit your child. Our three children have attended the school.  Each one has happily attended, forged great friendships and performed well academically.  Our family is part of a strong and loving community always looking to bring out the best of children.  I can’t recommend this school enough!


When I look back at my time at St. Kevin’s it really set up the foundation for my career. It was a supportive environment where you were given every opportunity to follow your passions. You were instilled with life skills and self-belief that you could achieve anything you set your mind to. The teaching staff were so warm and created a great environment for learning. St. Kevin’s was more than just a school though, it was a community. 

Even though primary school years are limited my family and I have returned to St.Kevin’s for many of our significant milestones including 21st birthdays, engagements and christenings. It will forever be a place I look upon with great appreciation and fond memories.

I hope other families will be able to create some amazing memories at St.Kevin’s too like my family did.


Many thanks, Kirsty

Liam Jenkins (Past Student)

My name is Liam Jenkins. I joined De La Salle College in Year 7. In 2019 I was serving as College Captain.

I am immensely honoured to be chosen by my cohort and teachers to lead the school in 2019. Being a Student Leader is a great privilege and knowing I have the school community’s trust and support means a great deal to me.

I came to De La Salle from St Kevin's Primary School, Ormond. One of my fondest memories whilst attending St Kevin's took place on my last day of school - participating in the St Kevin's tradition of running through a guard of honour, created by all St Kevins' students. This memory has left a distinct imprint in my mind because it was a time where I had mixed emotions with sadness of leaving the comfort of my primary school and with the excitement for the next chapter of my schooling life - high school.

St Kevin's gave me opportunities to prepare my leadership skills through roles such as Class Captain, SRC and Sports Captain. This enabled me to give speeches and presentations at assemblies and also when representing the school in the wider community. St Kevin’s gave me the Catholic education qualities and principles that have shaped the way I present myself to others and helped grow me as a person and as a leader.

I was very fortunate to have had many wonderful teachers throughout my primary school years. Each of them played an important part in the progression of my education and personal development. I am very grateful for what each of them have given me. In particular, I would like to thank Mrs Costello, my grade 6 teacher who ensured that I was well prepared academically and emotionally for high school.

Alice Nelligan JuniorSchool Teacher

When I first moved to Melbourne from South Australia I joined a relief teaching agency thinking it would be a nice way to get to know Melbourne and the different schools. I remember receiving my first job confirmation text message – I was to work a CRT day at St Kevin’s School in Ormond. Naturally, I was apprehensive about walking into a new school for the first time, but I was immediately put at ease. The atmosphere was so welcoming, and everyone was kind and accommodating. Immediately I could detect the respect staff had for each other, and there was a real warmth in their interactions. There was an obvious community within the school, and it didn’t take long to feel a part of that.

Over the following months, I was asked back more regularly for CRT work at St Kevin’s and in this time I began to feel almost as though I was a member of the staff. I was, of course, working CRT days at other schools but I never had the same feeling of comfort and ease as I had when I arrived at St Kevin’s. I recall those feelings of relief and delight back in those CRT days when I received my morning text message from the relief teaching agency instructing me to go to St Kevin’s for the day!

In this time I really valued getting to know the staff, working in the close-knit environment and building relationships with students and families. It wasn’t long until I had worked in every class in the school! I got to know the familiar and welcoming faces of the students and learnt names quickly as I was becoming a regular face.

Since working at St Kevin’s, I have been truly impressed with the opportunities students are given in order to grow and succeed in their learning. It may be a small school, but the students certainly do not miss out.

I consider myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work at such an amazing school, with such a great support network. The respect and inclusiveness among the students are really special and all year levels interact with, support and look after each other. I really hope this school continues to grow in numbers because St Kevin’s has much to offer, and it is truly a delight to be a part of this school’s community.